About General Vanier

General Vanier strives to develop high academic standards by providing a stimulating environment where all students are challenged to achieve their maximum potential within a positive bilingual environment.

Our Vision

At General Vanier School our aim is to create a positive bilingual environment where students can develop effective communication skills in English and French. We hope to provide access to remedial and enrichment services in all subject areas. It is our goal to empower students to develop the tools necessary to become confident, motivated life-long learners and responsible citizens.

A Message from our Principal


I have been in the General Vanier Elementary School community since 2014. The genuine collaboration between all the stakeholders is what makes us stand out from any other school. Our school has a dedicated staff, an engaged parent community, and children who are very happy to attend this very special place. Creating a positive learning experience for our students allows them to do better in school and in their lives. Our various programs and activities are tailored to the needs of our community. These encourage our students to take ownership of their learning and their behavior in order to be responsible for their success. Our goal, together with the entire school staff and parents, is to support our students and empower them to become active, motivated, life-long learners.

Welcome to our school.

Joe Schembri
Principal & Lead Learner

School Information

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School Safety Plan

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MESA Annual Report

In order for the school and the school board to comply with the Education Act article 209.2(1)(2)(3)(4), the school board and school must sign a Management and Educational Success Agreement. This must be done annually.

This Agreement outlines the commitments made by the school board and the school to achieve their mission of successfully instructing, qualifying and socializing students. The Management and Educational Success Agreement defines the school/centre role in supporting the school board objectives and targets for student success, within the school board strategic plan and in line with the Ministère de l’Éducation, des Loisirs et du Sport goals.