General Vanier Academics

The following academic programs and support services are offered during the school day to enhance our student's academic and social skills. These programs are offered to students in addition to the basic school curriculum outlined by the Ministry.

Academic Programs

Study Skills (Cycle 2)

The Study Skills program introduces students to essential study skills they can put into practice to reinforce their learning and make schoolwork less frustrating on a daily basis. A parent workshop is also provided.

Chess Program (Cycles 2 and 3)

General Vanier is extremely proud to have a chess program integrated into the math curriculum for Cycles 2 & 3. From January to March, each homeroom class has one hour of chess instruction per week. Our instructor, M. Nicolas Metivier, comes to us from the Chess’n Math Association of Montreal.

Robotics (Grade 5)

Students envision, create and animate their own robots with the use of technology.

Youth Library Zone (Cycle 3)

Our cycle 3 students learn more about the St. Leonard Library through a program offered in conjunction with Montreal Hooked on School. Students will learn how to use library resources will visit the library and will have their library cards made.

P.E.L.O Italian Language (All Levels)

This program, the teaching of the language of origin, is a special project totally financed by the government. The purpose of the program is to allow each child to broaden and better appreciate his/her language and culture of origin. In our case, due to the overwhelming number of students who are of Italian origin, the language taught is Italian.

The program is nevertheless open to all students. Many students who are not of Italian origin avail themselves of the opportunity to learn a new language and better appreciate the culture of their friends, and as such, register for the program.

Culture in the Schools (All Levels)

Throughout the year, artists and writers are invited to the school to set up special artistic projects with the students and teachers.

Social Programs

Transition to High School (Cycle 3, Year 2)

The goal of the Transition to High School program is to ease the anxiety relating to the transition from elementary school to high school. The program is made up of 8 in-class sessions dealing with topics such as organization, study skills, peer pressure, test taking strategies and so on. At the end of the program, parents are invited to attend an evening session with their child to better understand the challenges of this important transition.

Leadership/Dynamix (Cycle 3)

Students have the opportunity to join our leadership group led by an animator from a team building company called Dynamix and one of our cycle 3 teachers. The students are part of leadership activities and are also trained to become recess leaders. Recess leaders help organize games for the younger students at recess and lunch. They also serve as peer mediators on the school yard. There is a camp for leaders in the Spring.

Social Skills Program (Cycles 1, 2 and 3)

This program is given by our child care educators. The aim of this program is to assist our participants to appropriately express their emotions, reduce impulsivity, and promote problem solving skills.

Cooperative Games Program Cycles (Kindergarten)

The aim of this program is to assist our participants to play cooperatively and interact appropriately. The program is given at lunchtime by our child care educators

Teaching Specialists

  • Music (English)
  • Visual Arts (English)
  • Physical Education and Health (French)
  • P.E.L.O. (Italian)

Academic Support

English Resource

English resource is provided to cycles 1 through 3 (Grades 1 to 6) by our English resource teacher. The resource teacher provides teachers and students with serves as a facilitator in helping students with different learning needs and provides additional support and strategies to help students achieve in the content areas.

Children work in their class or in the resource room. The resource teacher, in collaboration with the classroom teachers, writes up the individualized education plan (IEP) that will best meet the learning style of the student with the understanding that success is not defined in the same way for everyone.

Literacy Facilitator

The Literacy Facilitator supports the teachers in increasing the literacy levels of our students. Our facilitator brings the best practices in the area of literacy. She also holds parent workshops to help parents support their child at home.

Project Facilitator

A facilitator is hired to help teachers with the technology aspects of projects. She also gives mini-lessons on specific programs or research strategies for the students and teachers. She is in our school two full days a week.

Homework Assistance

Support for homework can be given to students in difficulty. The program usually runs from November to May. Tutors are hired by the school.