General Vanier Governing Board

The information provided in this section of the website helps keep parents informed on what is going on at General Vanier.

Welcome Parents

Keep informed on what the Governing Board is working on by:

  1. Reading the minutes (on right sidebar) of the Governing Board Meetings. The governing board approves the minutes of the previous meeting at each meeting. Therefore, the minutes can only be posted after this has occurred.
  2. Using the Governing Board e-mail: Parents can use this e-mail address to ask questions, voice concerns, and give ideas on improving student life.
  3. Taking a look at the Action Plan. The Action Plan gives parents a general idea of the points that will be looked at by the Governing Board during the school year. This Action Plan serves as the basis for planning the agenda of the meetings.
  4. Attending the Governing Board meetings. The date of the meetings will be printed on the school calendar, as well as on this page (see right sidebar, under "GVGB Meetings"). All parents are welcome to come observe the meetings which are usually held at 7:15 p.m. in the teacher’s lounge. If a parent intends on attending a meeting there is no need for confirming his/her presence.

Governing Board Members

Bob Reda Parent Representative & Chairperson
Jason Trudeau Parent Representative & Regional Delegate & Secretary
Laura Zuanigh Marra Parent Representative & Alternate Regional Delegate
Antonio Zaruso Parent Representative
Carmie D’Iglio Parent Representative
Enza DeMarco Teacher Representative
Maria Drudi Teacher Representative
Maria Piskopos Teacher Representative
Maria Iacono Daycare Representative & Treasurer
Manon Daoust Staff Representative

Chairperson's Message

Chairperson's Message

GV Governing Board

Uploaded: 2017-01-20

2016 Annual Report

GV Governing Board

Uploaded: 2017-01-20

GVGB Meetings

Did you know that the Governing Board meetings are public - anyone may attend? Observers are allowed to ask questions at question period.

  • TBA
Please check the school calendar for possible date changes or cancellations.

Meeting Agendas

Meeting Minutes


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