Hi, I'm a boy name Daniel, I was born in Montreal,Quebec in the year 2002. I have a small family, my Mom, my Dad, and me.

I have a friend of mine who lives on the corner of my street. He is a polite boy named Ramsey, he is a really nice friend. We play all sorts of games like ping pong or sometimes even ball hockey. My favorite sport to play is soccer. During the summer,I play soccer inay other

I go to General Vanier school.My friends and I play games like tag or soccer,we all have a great time.I learn a lot at General Vanier. The teachers are so nice. Some times they will play jokes or make you laugh, but some times,they will get you angry.

I'm part of the after school program. I would stay after school with my best friends. We will do our homework from 4:00-4:45. Them we will have free time. Read this scedule to know what I'm going to do for my free time.

Mon.+Thurs.=computer lab. Tues.+fri.=gym. But wednesday we stay in the gameroom to play games like Twister or Monopoly


Minecraft is a game where you collect helpful resourses. you can play with friends or online friends.


my favorite hockey tean is the Pitsburg penguins. my favorite player is Sidney Crosby .Sidney Crosby is # 87.he is always picked for the Olympics . check out minesweeper
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