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Giovanni .ca

The Boss

Hi there, my name is Giovanni Dio Ioia. I am ten years old. I go to General Vanier, and these are some stuff I do.

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Dog Lover

I love all kinds of dogs like boxers, cocker spainels, huskys, beagles and many. I have a dog to she is a boxer. Her name is Princess she is four years old. I love when she wants to play catch and hand soccer with me. One thing that I think that my dog loves is sleeping with me any time of the day.

Loves Sports

I love sports! My favourite sports are soccer, basketball, and hockey. I play soccer with my dog almost every day. I play soccer and basketball at recess and during free time in gym class. I'm also one of the best soccer players in my class. At recess I play soccer every day with my friends. At gym class I play soccer with my friends and sometimes I shoot sme baskets just for fun.

Club Penguin

I just got a Club Penguin account:we could buy puffles, make our own igloo, play cool games and cool events. We could also talk to other people and eat at a pizzeria like a real person. It's really fun!