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My name is Giuliano Verdone! Welcome to my page where I post things about myself. I have many passions, hobbies and what-not.Since Your'e new to my website, I'll give you a decent idea of what it will be about. My passions stuck with me since I was a kid: drawing, gaming, music, and someday medical and doctor care!I live in Montreal, Canada. I think of drawing and music as my passions and hobbies, and gaming as a "proffesional" pastime. Basically, I'm just so happy with my life, as it is. So, now you know me, and I will explain you what this page is all about.



Since 2010,after the pre- release, Minecraft has been a great sucess in gaming history. If you want to buy the game and start an account, click here: www.Minecraft Don't forget to right- clik and open the website in a new tab!

The Objective in Minecraft is to Survive and Thrive, if you choose to play in Survival.

Even if Minecraft is just a game, people even make songs about the game.


My Passions

I'm no Joe- perfect, but I can be good at alot of things. My first passion is drwaing, whic I also consider a hobby, and I always love making drwaings! Whenever I am bored, I grab a pencil and paper! My second passion is playing music on the piano and guitar! I also enjoy learning new songs, and love playing to a little audience. My other passions aren't as "proffessional" as my other two, but I'm still good at them! They are sports, gaming and puzzle-solving.

Books and Adventures!